UAB Kuraveta

JSC “VetMarket” is a joint stock company, started its operations in 2009. The core of the staff consists of specialists with long term experience in sales of veterinary products. The team have gained reputation on the market through professional and honest work. JSC “VetMarket” became a source of innovative products and solutions, including not only the supply of veterinary medicines, but also ensuring the dissemination of innovations in veterinary pharmacy sector. Today JSC “Vetmarket” together with JSC “Kuraveta” and division in Latvia SIA “Vetmarket” make a group of veterinary pharmacy companies.

JSC “VetMarket” represents and closely works with following world wide manufacturers: Interchemie werken De Adelaar, Ceva Sante Animale, Bioveta, Hokovit, Dr. Clauder’s, Innovad, Heel, Inuvet, Veterinary Sutures, Pro Nutrition Flatazor, Anju Beaute, Cenavisa, Vilofoss, Denkavit, Phytofeed, Vapco, Pharmill. JSC “Kuraveta” is exclusive distributor of “Flambo”.